The Curio

Since you're asking...

The Curio is one or all of the following:
Graffiti of my mind

A momentarily indispensable collection of baubles left atop a dusty credenza

Things as suitable for the wastebasket as for a golden frame

Fragments of memory meticulously shaved from the synthetic rubber sole of a silver sparkled platform boot

A joyfully unreliable collection of presumed inferences

An elevator in the brain hotel

A transom through which I share or at least externalize that for which elucidation is tiresome, unnecessary or impossible

Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.

I'm bein' followed by a moonshadow. Oh if...


"I am perpetually awaiting a rebirth of wonder"

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I trust my subconscious mind to manage what my conscious mind cannot.