Rewritten Kerouac Haiku

Hey you buzzin’ bee
Why you be lookin’ at me?
I ain’t no flower!

Bridges (haiku)

When the water comes
I steady myself. Mossy
Rocks make poor bridges.

Love Their Mother

I’ve heard that one of the best ways
To love your children
Is to love their mother

And Lord, God, how I do

We visited her own mother’s grave today
She’s eleven years dead
We left flowers and
Stood in reflection
           for a few moments
Before the stone

She thanks me for being with her
Though just that, is all I ever want

Lord, God, how I do

Our daughter remarked at
Dinner tonight
“If you went bald
I would laugh at you.”

But Lord, God, how I love her mother

Cheerleaders on a Sunday (haiku)

Too much perfume and
Too much heat in the room and
She brushed against me