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September 12, 2020
New Tri-State Trio Video!
"Shouting", the first video in Frani Lugo's Tri-State Trio Hologram Tour series, is now available for viewing online. I can be seen performing in the video with multidisciplinary artist Frani Lugo and Gus.
I know what you're thinking. Who is Gus?

He's the hologram in the Hologram Tour concept. Gus is a fine drummer created by Frani. He was built to be dependable and efficient, but has taken on a personality of his own, for better or for worse. He can be quite unpleasant at times. Other times, he can be downright offensive. In the more trying moments, I refer to him as AU, Artificial Unintelligence. He hates it when you call him Gustavo, which I also do. He's a television-headed monster that must be kept in his place, but he has yet to realize this. So far, every time we power him up, he delivers the goods. The best part is that Frani and I always have access to the switch if he gets out of hand. It's a good arrangement.
More information about Frani Lugo and his body of work is available at