The Magic Hats

About The Magic Hats

My daughter Olivia and I make up the duo, The Magic Hats. Living in a musical household, one could say the group began to take shape when then 8-year-old Olivia was old enough to sit at the piano, working at new songs since she was just 4. In featuring young Olivia's vocals, The Magic Hats fits in the children's music genre, but boasts my proudly unmistakable 70s rock spin.

The name of the duo was a compromise. While discussing the name, Olivia suggested something to do with unicorns. I suppose as an 8 year old girl, she could not be blamed. I countered with Unicorn on the Cob, at which she bristled. While tossing a frisbee, we somehow arrived at The Magic Hats.

The Magic Hats

Some kids play catch in the yard with their fathers. Other kids make records with them. Olivia Preston asked her father, producer Chris Preston, to make a record with her when she was 7. Olivia's dream was to sell paintings and give the proceeds to charity. She wanted to do the same with a recording of songs she liked to sing. Chris had never made a children's record before and making one with Olivia seemed the perfect reason to try. The result was The Magic Hats.

The record captures the innocence of the group's young vocalist and the 70s rock influences of her father. In the rock orchestration of "The Rainbow Connection," the silliness of the original "Outside Dog," the message about the dangers of nuclear power made clear in John Hall's "Power," the hope is that there will be something for everyone in this little children's record.

Under Olivia Preston's direction, all proceeds from the sale of The Magic Hats will be donated to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in New York.

The Magic Hats are:
Olivia Preston - vocals, percussion, kazoo
Chris Preston - vocals, all other instruments, arrangement, production

Special appearance by Brian as The Barking Schnauzer.

Original concept and artwork by Olivia Preston.

Released October 27, 2015

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