Preston/Kennedy - Promise Me

About Preston/Kennedy

Doug Kennedy and I met through a mutual admiration of Todd Rundgren and Utopia. We ran into each other at a Todd show. I was doing my solo thing. Doug had been touring with Kasim Sulton and had previously been a member of Isle of Q. We each knew the other guy was the real deal. We finally found a way to work together to produce a special brand of rock and soul. 

Promise Me

Doug Kennedy and I seemed to agree on most matters musical, but we hadn't managed to play together. Doug had the beginnings of a song on an old demo. It was a solid track on a fluttery tape, with no lyrics or melody. It was called "Promise Me." He sent it to me and asked if I wanted to take a crack at finishing it.

I jumped at the chance to work with Doug and in short order, wrote the lyrics and vocal melody in my head while walking down Broadway. After finishing the arrangement by superimposing the vocals on Doug's original demo, the template was in place.

I learned the music and discovered that the demo played back a semitone sharp! Nevertheless, the master we created for this release was in the right key and definitely ended up greater than the sum of its parts - over 4 minutes of luscious pop confection!

Chris Preston - vocals, bass, percussion
Doug Kennedy - guitars, keyboards

Produced and Engineered by Chris Preston
Cover art by Brian Fitzpatrick

Released April 18, 2017

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