The Silver Record

Originally meant to be a 7-inch record, The Silver Record was my follow-up to Mono Is King! We celebrated the 2-song release with a concert at the historic vaudeville venue, the Darress Theatre, in Boonton, NJ. The silver labels for the records were printed and the sleeves ready for assembly, but when the test pressings of the record came back, I was mortified. By 1998, the art of the 7-inch had been reduced to offerings by punk bands, which I was decidedly not. I finally opted to go with a cassette single. Today, The Silver Record is available exclusively by download. The songs feature the piano and drums that I had acquired since Mono Is King! was released.

The A side, "Big Brother", is a song about the somewhat Byronic nature of an independent musician. The B side, "Consequences", is a song about the inescapable nature of karma. Listen for the tape stretching at the end of "Consequences"!

All instruments and voices by Chris Preston.

Released October 17, 1998

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