Chris Preston is New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist and writer. As a musician, singer, audio engineer and producer, he has multiple albums and singles to his credit. Though principally an electric bassist, his own recordings typically feature him playing all the instruments and singing all the parts.

chris-preston-4Chris’s work has also included recording sessions, nearly two dozen pit orchestras, and live performance, both alone and in the service of others. During the last decade, Chris has added freelance mixing engineer and orchestral arranger to his long list of titles. In this capacity, he was most recently credited on Heart of the Black Dirt, an album by his old friends, Brian Fitzpatrick and the Band of Brothers.

After many early years spent in front of stacks of amplifiers, Chris now guards his recordist ears ferociously. He has also become proficient with synthesizers, which he once vowed never to touch.

In addition to his vocation as a songwriter, Chris has kept journals for most of his life. More than ten years ago, he converted a portion of chrispreston.com to a blog. He’s cleared the decks on most of those pieces, but he still tries to keep the blog fresh. Even though he graduated from college Magna Cum Laude with a degree in English Writing, music always took precedence.  Lately however, he’s found that writing and music tend to recharge each other, hence the tagline of his website, Words and Music. Chris has assumed a regular writing schedule, pursuing several offline writing projects.

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Chris’s recordings are available in the Music section of this site and at many popular electronic retailers. He tirelessly encourages the purchase and support of independent music. He believes that independent music has never been better or more available.

Find music you love. Share what you discover with others. Let it touch you.

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