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May 21, 2019

New Aquarius is here!

This is the day. My new album, New Aquarius, is available now.


January 24, 2019

New Aquarius is coming soon!

My new album is nearing completion. I’ve called it New Aquarius. On this record, I’ve done every single thing there was to do. Every sound, every fader slide, you name it. I even did the cover art. There are only 3 mixes between me and everlasting glory! This album has been a while in the making, but is quite decidedly the best work I’ve ever done. I can’t wait to share this one with you.

I burned through 3 audio interfaces on this record! It’s finally time.

Stay tuned. New Aquarius in 2019!


May 27, 2018

“Promise Me” signals the coming of summer

Promise Me” sales are starting to pick up again. Amazing. It’s a summer soundtrack tune, no question. This has been our best week for the single in months!

Doug and I really do owe you and ourselves a suitable B-side. We have the tune. It’s ready to go. We just need to set up the session…


September 16, 2017

Get “Promise Me” if you haven’t yet…

Promise Me” was a great success for Doug Kennedy and me. The record came out last spring. It’s better than we ever imagined and the response has been very positive. I had Brian Fitzpatrick do a great cover for us. It looks like it’s ready for a 7-inch record to slip right out of the side!

We’ve gone the straight ahead route and just called the project Preston/Kennedy. Why not? We’re still considering changing the name to Unicorn on the Cob, since I never got to use the name for The Magic Hats, but the renaming won’t happen until after the B-side is out.

I couldn’t be happier with my vocals on “Promise Me,” and it was worth the challenges it presented. Now for the next tune, which I’ve already demoed. It’s another musical piece by Doug that I re-worked a bit and for which I wrote new lyrics.


October 30, 2016

Vocalizing on a new single!

I’m approaching the completion of many, many vocal tracks for “Promise Me,” a wonderful new single written and recorded by Doug Kennedy and me. You might know Doug from his days of touring with Kasim Sulton and before that with his band, Isle of Q. Doug’s a fantastic guitarist and he came up with the foundation of “Promise Me.” He asked me to write lyrics and melody and I was happy to oblige.

This tune is straight up pop soul, and I’m having a blast channeling both Daryl and John. Soon it’ll be time to mix!

Look for “Promise Me” by Chris Preston and Doug Kennedy this fall!

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